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Managing diabetes is different than other types of conditions. As a diabetic, your current physical state, the progression of the condition and the way your metabolism functions affects the way your medical team will treat your overall health.

Diet and Exercise.

Nothing is more important than learning how to eat the right foods and the proper portions, as well creating an exercise plan.

You should seek the services of a certified diabetes educator (CDE) and registered dietician (RD). At times, this could be the same person. You may choose to speak with your healthcare provider or select someone else not affiliated with your doctor’s office.

We are working on a database of verified partners to serve you. In the near future, we will have a database available, or you can contact us directly in the interim and we can help you.

Treatment Options.

Physicians are fortunate to have many viable options with older drug therapies, as well as several new classes of treatment options.

Please visit the following links to learn about immediate treatment options available

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Spotlight on New Diabetes Treatments – Joslin Diabetes Center

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